Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New things for me!

I can't find the time to sew but I can find time to shop!! HA!
Been a busy week and really had lots planned to sew.. Zoey's summer clothes will be winter before I start on them!!!

I went shopping today and Hobby Lobby has a big sale on all paper punches and stickers and washi type tape and and and and LOTS.. I kept myself on a budget though.. I bought all this..
I also got some things in the $1 bin at Joann's.
No I don't do smash books or scrapbooking.. I will use these in my planner. I might as well be scrapbooking.. my planner looks like one anymore...
I bought the punches to use to make stickers from my decorative tape..I call it decorative tape as it isn't really washi tape but might as well be .. love it.
I found a tutorial HERE I have to try out!

I did make some simple stickers the other day..

I took some round white avery labels and marked all over them with highlighters and TA DA!
My pink stickers are for my Zoey days.. and I have green for doctors, red is important and yellow are Dougs work days.. I will do a full post on my layout soon.. I made my weekly pages too! 

I ordered new page dividers from Sachiko over on Filofax Love. I love her stuff she makes!! I hope I spelled her name right....
I can't wait to get them and pretty up my planner!! I'm using a Franklin Covey binder again.. but more on that later...



  1. You always find the best deals!!!! You know, your calendar does look very scrapbooky!! I like it that way though =D

  2. Hi Suzee! You bought many washi tapes!! :) I used to love Hobby Lobby when I was living in Texas! I wish there was a store like that where I live now :( You told me about your new weekly refills and now I can see what exactly you meant! I've never thought of using refills horizontally like that- so clever! Hope you'll like your dividers & page markers! ;)

    1. The horizontal isn't my idea ,I like it though..I think I will try another option..I really would like to try a daily page..I think I mentioned to you before...
      I know I will love what you sending me! Thanks form your comment !

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