Thursday, June 27, 2013

BlogLovein it!

Just a short post ...
Since Google is doing away with Reader lets all join me on Bloglovin! You can go from here to there in a sec flat(depending on your internet speed...) by just clicking on the button on top right of this page.
You can also sign up to get me delivered right to your email!!!  You can do that from the side bar too!
I do not like Google doing this to us.... I liked seeing all my followers faces in my side bar!!! hehe
SOOO...Its the end of the month and I did not do much sewing in June.. and that means I did not get my wallet tutorial finished for the LYOF of June.. BLAH!
I actually have to start over as the one I did finished didn't turn out so great.. 
But I do want to show you something I ordered !!!!
As most of you know I love planners and paper, stickers and pens!! 
I ordered these cuties from my friend Sachiko over on filofaxlove. She does great work and love all the cuteness of her products!! I have ordered several times from her!!
These fit my personal Holborn filo. I was using a pocket and wanted to upscale a bit to have more room to write in. 
She lets you personalize the tabs whatever you want!
I also got the month tabs .. giggly cute!
She sent me a pocket today marker , magnet and smaller marker too! Thank you Sachiko!

Here they are set inside. (don't look at the messy background)
* since taking this photo I moved it all into my"Big Green" Franklin Covey binder!

I'll be taking photos soon of my set up with all my cute tabs ! I been going back and forth trying layouts.. ugh.what a hassle . so went back to week on 2 pages and just going to go with that. I also made my own month pages... 

I bought new Pilot Frixion pens and markers !!! These were ordered from Jetpens
The markers are on left. I love them! I also got the pencil like frixion gel pens..Love writing with these! and I had to get a single blue clicker pen , frixion also.. and the writing markers, they are post its like tabs and of course...they are doggies!
Does anyone know a stateside shop to order goodies like stickers and posties from?

I'll be getting back to my sewing soon.. I NEED to as my Etsy shop is bare!! 
Well anyways... Please follow from Bloglovin or some other sort of way you follow!! Pretty please!???
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Have a good weekend !!



  1. I already follow you on Bloglovin. Your filofax pages are SOOOOO cute!!! and that big green cover is so stylish. Have fun with those gel markers!

  2. Those little tabs are soooo cute! I love the colors of the markers on the far left =D I'm following you with Feedly =D And all the other places I can find you =D

  3. Hi Suzee! Thank you so much for putting up the photos of your FF with the dividers!! :)

    Those Frixion pens are looking so nice!! I can read the Japanese on the box saying "Frixion Colour Pencils"!! Are the ones on the right side colour pencils??? I've never seen them, what are they like??


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