Friday, May 10, 2013



I did a give away without my comments numbered!!! OH MY GOSH HAHA!
but......I did it.. I let pick for me then,,,,,,,yes I went and counted each entry.. wasn't too bad..but lets get this thing finished and I'm headed to bed....!!! =0)

I emailed the winners and hope to hear from them so these goodies will be shipped off Monday!!!

The winner of the first set with the cute pouch and Sewline set is...
Michelle Olsen!!! 

And the second pouch paper /pen set goes to...

Tina C.

Thanks sooo much for entering and for you new followers thanks double!! 

This was fun and probably will do it again!!!
I hope I win some goodies!! hehehe
Good luck to you all in the other give aways!!!

OH wanted to share what I made for my Zoey.. she saw the pouches and did a UH!! I want one!! so of course gramma made her one! its smaller sized =0) 



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