Thursday, February 28, 2013

New things in the mail!

I have to tell you about my order I received today!!! I talked about Sachiko on Filofax Love a few times.. I love her Etsy shop JapanCorner and have ordered three times from her! 
Here is what I got this time...
I got the page markers for my pocket Holborn that I am using for my everyday planner now..(Its easier to put in my purse and carry)
My stickers..and she even put in a extra page marker for my personal size Holborn FF!!! SHE is the best!
 I tried to get a close up of the stickers.. they are sooooooooo tiny!! but they are for the pocket size and they fit so cute!
My fav are the little red headed girl and the brown headed girl that says coffee!!! lol

And now for my favorite-tise!!! Look the clear see through marker has MY name on it! and she is blonde just like me lol
The bottom paper has a sticker on it..
You can see how tiny the stickers are laying on my pocket FF.
 Then the clear divider inside ..
 I made my dividers using Martha Stewart note tabs and laminated them on  decorated paper.
See the bow marker sticking up there?? cute!

You need to hop over to her Etsy page and web site and check her cute things out!
(links are above at beginning of post)
I have been sewing.. just not for my Etsy shop yet! I have new ideas getting under way though.. 
I finished up another Memory Bear for the same friend that I made the quilt and other bears for..

oops.. I just hit the publish tab LOL I was like wait I wasn't done writing!!!!

 Anyway... this is the last bear ... Sorry for the background.. messy house!

I made this little do dah thing last night.. I made a place to lay my phone on when I sew .. to see my alerts and listen or watch Netflex.. (love that one)
I found a tutorial HERE for this iphone/ipad/smartphone stand.. it takes little fabric and you can stuff with whatever is handy ,,scraps, beans, rice, plastice bags..etc.. 
I have a couple custom orders to get finished ( I haven't forgotten you Trish!) then I'm starting to get my Etsy shop back in line! 


  1. Thank you so much for writing about the items, Suzee! :) The see-thru divider looks so nice in your Filofax!!

    I was looking for a smart phone stand recently because I often watch videos on my phone when I'm cooking :) I can't sew like you, so what I did was buying a clear acrylic business card holder lol! Amazingly it's working perfectly for my phone :) It's wonderful that you can sew anything you want so easily!!

  2. You have so much fun with your filofax! That Suzee sticker is so cute! Love your shirt bear!

  3. Cute cute and more cute!!! I love your little dividers and stickers =D Your bear is super cute too!!!


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