Friday, February 22, 2013

Lovely Year of Finishes for FEB!!! DONE!

I was pushing time to get this one done! But got it finished with days to spare! 
I picked a flannel lap quilt to do for my February project.. 
A good friend of mine sent me those flannel shirts for bears to make that I blogged about HERE. I made those plus had alot left over to make this lap quilt! Its super warm! I have no money invested in it! My mom gave me some quilt batting that a friend of hers gave her and I already had the flannel for the back.. and the binding was some stuff I just had laying around! 
Let me show you!
This is the top.. I had asked my mom , the quilter, which way would be best to "quilt" it and we both thought the old fashioned way of tying bits of yarn.. I remember tying alllllllllllllll those for my grandma when she did these quilts..

 On the top of the front I used one of the pockets off one of the shirts and it is a usable pocket!
Maybe for tissue or something.. 

 This is the back.. I used flannel I have had for some time.. looks pink here but its NOT lol this is a MANLY quilt!

On the back I put another pocket from the shirts and added a Memory label. The shirts are from my friends good friend that passed away a few months ago..
So we now have a memory quilt..
My binding is two different colors! lol Like I said I wanted to use up some stuff I already had.. At least I kept it one color!
(see my new label inserted there hehe) 
I can not believe I finished this one! I don't quilt.. like at all! Entering Lovely Year of Finishes monthly sew alongs is helping sew more and get more projects done! yay! 
Now I have to find a new one for March... hmmmm



  1. I love brought back so many childhood memories because my Bigmama used to quilt like that with the little yarn ties....very cool and nostalgic; well at least for me...(hearts and smiles)

  2. It is so great. Yes I remember tying all these bits of thread/yarn. Lalalal.

    Congrats on the finish. And thanks for linking up sweetie!

  3. You are AMAZING!!!! Oh my gosh Suzee!!! I love the little pocket details and the label is so sweet. Your friend is going to love it =D LOVE IT =D
    Maybe you should do another quilt for March =P


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