Monday, October 1, 2012

Something for me

I only sewn one thing in two weeks.. ugh.
But its for me so that counts more = )         It looks like a mug rug huh??  If you look closer there is a cd inside one of the pockets.. I made it using alot of my Apple of my Eye scraps and maybe one or two other pieces. I really needed this in my car . The elastic in my old one got that rotted in the sun too much look .. and when I turn my car just a little bit too "fast" all the cd's would go flying towards the passenger side.. yeah not fun for the passenger.. It would be like little chinese stars cutting through your head..but only round stars ....that hurt...then the passenger would see stars....
The cd's stay nice and snug in this hehe
I'm still not very good at binding lol AND my elastic on the back is too tight.. I guess I should of measured my visor , its a bit wider then most visor's.... so just a quick fix on that..
I lost both of the two seam rippers I have in my sewing room.. when I wasn't happy with the binding I first had on it I had to use scissors ... ... Its always something.....
OH almost forgot I used this free tutorial HERE


  1. I love it Suzee Q!....very neat going to try and get to the fabric store later on today so I can sew up some stuff....:)

  2. Very cute!!! Very cute!!!!! now your passengers won't see stars haha!!
    I don't know what to tell you about your seam rippers. I think you need to tie a ribbon to one and attach it to your sewing table...seriously =P
    Hey...have you asked Zoey if she has seen them? =P

  3. I was recommended to you from a gal named sarah I have a project that I think you would be the best choice for...more details once I know your available. You can contact me at Thanks!


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