Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween with Kitties and Doggies

In the next couple of days I will reveal my new blog look! =0) Im super excited.. I think Kim is about to pull her hair out at me with all my changes I have asked for her to do.. eeeks.. I'm pretty pleased with my sneaky peeks I have saw so far!!!

I also ordered new Etsy banner and design for a new business card...

Happy Halloween to all that celebrates this day.. We took Zoey out to a few houses and she had a ball!! I think she had more fun looking at all the other costumes  other kids had on. She fell slept on the way home with a killer grip on her treat bucket ...

Here she is in her ballerina kitty outfit.. I Love her boots!!
LOL I just noticed Baby in the photo on the bottom!!! She always trying to get the lime light too...
Speaking of dogs.. we got a new one.. someone dropped her off.. a female Shepard.. and of course she is in heat.. soooooo took her to the vet today.. got her yearly shots, flea'd and get her in next week to get spayed.. We usually try to find new homes for the drop off animals but she has won our hearts..I fell in love with her white eyes.. she loves Zoey so she was a keeper.. I took this a few days ago but she has put on a little more weight.. Zoey named her Peppa lol after Peppa Pig??? If you have kids YOU KNOW WHO PEPPA IS!! ( I love that show myself lol )
 I call her Pep.. she just doesn't look like a Peppa...

Ok next post we will be a new look!!!

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  1. Zoey is so cute in her costume! I hope she had fun trick or treating!!! I love that you take care of all these homeless animals *hugs*!!!!! Your new puppy is gorgeous =D


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