Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lovely Year of Finishes.. Jan FINISHED!

I am posting about my Lovely Year Of Finishes that I mentioned I joined few weeks ago..
I had it done the first week and then almost missed my deadline to post about it finished!

I made the Island Tote Bag by Ala Mode. It was pretty easy and went with the clutch style.. I wish now I made it as a longer tote. I don't like everyone seeing down inside my purse ! I didn't put a closure on it either.. 
but here it is...
 Please excuse my backdrop.. I somehow managed to lose my white boards I used for backdrops for my pictures.. how can I misplace or lose 2 large white sheets of poster boards?? I have no idea!
 The inside stuffed.
 Instead of inside pockets I went with a insert .. I found this tutorial on Pinterest from freshcrush.. Its made using a cereal box! ha!
 I had to show you my Holborn Slim Filofax I'm using as my wallet.. hehe
 I will being a second post later today .. I been making some teddy bears and cats from some flannel shirts a friend gave me to use as personal memory items.. stay tune!



  1. If you have sew on magnetic snaps you can still give the bag a closure. But by the looks of it, you need at least a medium size snap.

  2. Your Island Tote bag is Fun!! Such cute fabrics and it fits lots of things inside!

  3. Love the owl fabric!


  4. LOVE your new bag!!!!! The insert is awesome!!! I'm so jealous you finished your January waaaaaaay before me LOL =P

  5. Love the owl fabric, it's so sweet.



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