Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm really REALLY going Green....

I was browsing some blogs for gift tags ideas..and came upon this awesome little thing from this site.its made out of brown paper bags.. well mine is, lol. It called for something called Contractors paper, and I wasn't about to go to Lowe's to pick any up so...I found a brown bag waaay back in my pantry...I got two little pouchy thingys out of one bag.. I sewed them up and rotated the ends so they are sewn up different ways.. like this ..
I guess the Contractors paper is usable to send packages..hmmmm
I made my gift tags out of OLD Christmas cards ( I'm a horder in training) .
I can't wait to post pics of all my goodies I've made but can't as of now... they are secrets :) 
Thank you Dana for following me!! I need to learn more about adding stuff to my page and add your blog :)

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