Saturday, September 17, 2011

It’s a dog’s world.

Well, at least my dog!

Dog face

I had a little time last night to sew something fast. I didn’t want to get into a big project yet. (waiting for fabric to arrive that I ordered!!) but still wanted to tired as I was though. I’ve been wanting to make Baby a new shirt or harness so sort of made it all in one..

I found this tutorial from Dog Under My Desk blog. Erin has some pretty cute doggies there she sews for and has a lot of nice tutorials there. My next project for Baby is a dog bed using her tutorial.. Looks comfy!

Here is pictures of Baby in order …it gets funny.Photo129To get her to set up from a nap I told her the mailman was outside..hehehe (he wasn’t) I slipped it on her fast.

Photo131Then she was like..oh man he’s gone. I told her sorry maybe next time…

Photo130I told her one more shot please and she stood like this and her eyes were actually droopy lol I wish she stood this well when I give her insulin shots!! (its still a lot of drama there but she’s taking them better!)

Photo135I told her ok lets go outside and try this thing out. She was still looking for the mailman I think….

Photo132But here is the layout of it. Its all one piece with a flannel lining. I used Halloween print with candy corn. I might make her a hoodie tonight or tomorrow. Using this tutorial Here. I really want a design on it as this one shows so I might have to get my momma to do that for me!!! (ok mom??)

That’s about all I’ve done in the last few days.. Have another thing to show but maybe next couple of days as it’s a birthday gift and have to wait until he gets it!! = ) Because he reads this and I want it to be a surprise!!

Good night.Snail

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  1. Oh Baby is so dang cute!!!!'re a sneaky mama =P I'm sorry I didn't see this until now. It just showed as new in Reader with your other post :(


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